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 PROJECTS -  Agreements  &  Programming                                            Data

Agreement to Retain the Services of an Accountant

Partnership Agreement 

Articles of Incorporations for a Business

Assignment of Rents by Lessor with Repurchase Agreement

Bill of Sale

Business Consultant Contract

Car Rental Contract

Contract For Sale and Purchase of Property

Credit Card Holder's Inquiry Concerning Billing Error

Employment Agreement

Lease Extension Agreement

Irrevocable Trust Declaration

Lease of Property Agreeement

Sale of Automobile or Motor Vehicle

Power of Attorney Agreement

Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor Agreement

Contract Employing Real Estate Broker For Lease of Property

Retainer Agreement

General Release of Liability

Declaration and Revocation of Trust

Sale of Car or Other Motor Vehicle

Special Power of Attorney

Storage Space Lease



802.1X/Wireless Authentication 
Disaster Recovery (DR) 
DNS Firewall 
DNS/DHCP Infrastructure 
IP Address Management (IPAM) 
Network Access Control (NAC) 
PortIQ™ Appliance 
Reporting for Core Network Services 
Enhanced VitalQIP 
vNIOS™ software on Cisco 
vNIOS™ software on Riverbed 
Voice Over IP (VoIP) 

persistent XSS
C and C++
Ruby on Rails
CGI Perl
and more.






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Nondisclosure Agreement 

Consultant Agreement 

Termination of Contract/Agreement





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