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Credit Reports in seconds.

Derogatory information. confirmation of your identity. Credit-Care Specialists e-mail us.

Powerful credit tools, neighborhood reports & more...

Adoption Records 
Ancestry Archives
Arrest Records
Attorney Records
Background Checks
Bankruptcy Records
Birth Records
Boat Ownership
Child Support Lookup 
Contractor Records 
Court Records 
Correctional Files 
Court Records 
Credit Reports 
Criminal Files 
Criminal Indictments
Deadbeat Locators 
Death Records 
Dentist Record Search 
District Court Files 
Divorce Records 
DMV Records 
DNA Records 
Driving Records 
DUI Files 
DWI Records 
Estate Records 
Family History Detective 
FBI Files 
Federal Court Dockets 
Fraud and Alias Files 
Genealogy Detective 
GI Search 
Grave Finder 
Municipal Databases 
Personal History 
Prison Records 
Locate People
Real Estate Records
Cemetery Records
Corporate Filings
Inmates Records
Civil Court Filings
Criminal Court Filings
Unclaimed Property
Skip Tracing
Tips on Investigating
Phone Taping
College Friend Lookup
Pilot Records
Alumni Records
Email Addresses 
Voter Registration
Birth Certificates
Business Information
Naturalization Records
Nanny Screening
Offender Records
Parole Records
People Search
Philanthropic Records
Physician Record Search
Police Records
Probate Records
Property Records
Public Records
Property Ownership Records
Rap Sheets
Reverse Phone Directories
Reverse Email Directories
Sentencing Files
Sex Offender Search
Skip Tracing
Small Claims Records
Superior Court Records
Veterans Search
Vital Records
Warrant Files
Vehicles, Aviation
Aircraft and Ships
Newspaper Archives
Police Officer Disciplinary
Detectives Directory
Law Reference
SSN Traces
Lien Records
Judgment Records
Credit Report
Geneology Databases
Legal Databases
Dentist Databases
Cell Phone Bill Lookup
Personal Record Finder
Vehicle ID Numbers
Identity Verification
Identity Theft Records
Incarceration Records
Felony Arrests
Inmate Locator
Judgment Files
Juvenile Files
Lien Records
Marriage Records
Military Records
Missing Persons
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Surveillance - Counter Surveillance - Frequency Scanning - Frequency Jamming - Thermal Vision 

frequency spectrum

Data Validation - Skip Tracing - Public Information 


                                                 I -95 Cam's more...

 more credit info

frequency spectrum Electromagnetic Wave


Data Hounds - Telephony DAR


 Reverse cell phone lookup - Last 25 numbers dialed, frequent numbers called, incoming, outgoing, bill address information and more..


electromagnetic spectrum chart

 Largest cross search whoIs? database 

Mind Control


  • Plasma Ray
  • Particle Beam 
  • Projecting Thoughts 
  • Mind Control



Brain Waves





Probing the electricity of the brain.

 My mind is like a "AA"  battery

Bending Spoons 


Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart

  • PowerCell

  • LOSSLESS Compression

  • Visit - Learn how back in 2000 we made a car disappear. Rendering it virtually invisible !!!

  • Doing Highbreds  electric/generator cars, Full-sized wined ups, Backwards Inversion, Lightweights and other innovations.  





 BrownsGas Generator - Hydrogen Fuel cell    Videos



Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.  

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